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ISBN: 1842431420
Price: £16.99
Casing: Hardback
Format: Royal (234 x 156mm)
Extent: 320pp
Rights: UK & Commonwealth only, excl. Canada
Pub. Date: March 2006


 Robert B  Parker
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Robert B Parker

Robert B Parker was the best-selling author of over 50 books, including Small Vices, Sudden Mischief, Hush Money, Hugger Mugger, Potshot, Widows Walk, Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise, Death in Paradise, Family Honor, Perish Twice, Shrink Rap, Stone Cold, Melancholy Baby, Back Story, Double Play, Bad Business, Cold Service, Sea Change, School Days and Blue Screen. He died in 2010 at the age of 77.

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Sea Change
A Jesse Stone Mystery
by Robert B Parker


A Jesse Stone Novel

This title is out of stock indefinitely but it is available in one or more digital versions.

When a woman's partially decomposed body washes ashore in Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone is forced into a case far more difficult than it at first appears. Identifying the woman is just the first step in what proves to be a difficult and emotionally charged investigation. Florence Horvath was an attractive, recently divorced heiress from Florida; she also had a penchant for steamy sex and was an enthusiastic participant in a video depicting the same. Somehow the combination of her past and present got her killed, but no one is talking - not the crew of the Lady Jane, the Fort Lauderdale yacht moored in Paradise harbour; nor her very blonde, very tanned twin sisters, Corliss and Claudia; and not her curiously affectless parents, living out a sterile retirement in a Miami high rise. But someone - Jesse - has to speak for the dead, even if it puts him in harm's way.



Robert B Parker's Spenser is one of the best private detectives in fiction
- Sunday Telegraph

Robert B Parker is one of the greats of the American hard-boiled genre
- Peter Guttridge, The Guardian

Parker can spin a tale with the best of them -- most of the time, he is the best of them
- Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

Parker packs more meaning into a whispered "yeah" than most writers can pack into a page
- Janet Evanovich, Sunday Times

Nobody does it better than Parker...
- The Sunday Times

Robert B Parker's PI's are in the nobly stoic mould of Marlowe, The Continental Op and Lew Archer
- Uncut


Parker writes old-time, stripped-to-the-bone, hard-boiled: school of Chandler...His novels are funny, smart and highly entertaining...There's no writer I'd rather take on an aeroplane.
- Sam Leith, Daily Telegraph [read the full review]

...timing and pace are all. Parker knows what he's about, and Sea Change is a cracker.
- Sam Leith, Daily Telegraph [read the full review]

If Spenser is the invincible knight, the timeless hero of American detective fiction, then Jesse Stone is the flawed hero of the moment, a man whose deficiencies define his want to cheer.
- New York Times Book Review

In Sea Change glorious harbor scenes of sailboats and yachts gathered for Race Week are tarnished by the ugly crimes Jesse is investigating — the statutory rapes of local girls lured aboard the yachts by dirty old men from Florida and the murder of a woman involved in procuring the victims.
- Marilyn Stasio, New York Times [read the full review]

Stone is a work in progress whose following is likely to increase as he continues to grow.
- Publishers Weekly [read the full review]

Parker's old sense of place and lovely, spare prose...It's vintage Parker.
- Margaret Cannon, Globe & Mail [read the full review]


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Back Story (pb)
Bad Business (pb)
Blue Screen (pb)
Cold Service (pb)
Death in Paradise (pb)
Double Play (pb)
Dream Girl (pb)
Family Honor (pb)
High Profile (pb)
Hugger Mugger (pb)
Melancholy Baby (pb)
Night Passage (pb)
Now & Then (pb)
Perish Twice (pb)
Potshot (pb)
Potshot (pb)
Robert B Parker's Wonderland (pb)
School Days (pb)
Sea Change (pb)
Shrink Rap (pb)
Small Vices (pb)
Spare Change (pb)
Stone Cold (pb)
Sudden Mischief (pb)
Trouble in Paradise (pb)
Widow's Walk (pb)


Back Story
Bad Business
High Profile
Hugger Mugger
Hush Money
Now & Then
Perish Twice
Robert B Parker's Cheap Shot
Robert B Parker's Damned if You Do
School Days
Sea Change
Silent Night
Sudden Mischief
Widow's Walk