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ISBN: 9781842433416
Price: £7.99
Casing: Paperback
Format: B (198 x 129mm)
Extent: 384pp
Rights: World
Pub. Date: March 2010


 Clem  Chambers
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Clem Chambers

Clem Chambers is the CEO of Europe's number one stocks and shares website, ADVFN ( He has written investment columns for Wired Magazine, The Business, The Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman and has appeared on Sky News, CNBC and the BBC.

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The Twain Maxim

by Clem Chambers


'A mine is a hole in the ground with a fool at the bottom and a crook at the top.' - Mark Twain

A billion dollars is a lot of money but not for Jim, a trading whizz kid. While buying into a new mine in Congo his broker has gone missing in the Jungle.

Baz Mycock is a shady mining promoter who will stop at nothing to part speculators with their money. Barron Mining could be just the killing he has always planned. 'Man bites Dog' is a Congolese child soldier, trapped and enslaved by a conflict of unprecedented brutality.

In The Twain Maxim their paths cross under the malevolent gaze of Nyiragongo, Africa's most volatile volcano as the lure of untold mineral riches sets off a trail of devastation.


Another blockbusting financial thriller from Clem Chambers
- Geoff Cutmore, CNBC

if Jason Bourne had to invest in shares, this is what would happen
- Paul Mason, Economics Editor Newsnight BBC 2

Every Stock Exchange CEO's worst nightmare!"
- Xavier Rolet, CEO of the London Stock Exchange

An exciting page turner of a thriller
- Adam Shaw, award-winning journalist and presenter of Working Lunch [read the full review]

No one writes better yarns about the city’s dark side than Clem Chambers. The Twain Maxim is riveting
- Zoe Strimpel, CityAM

The Twain Maxim will scare the pants off even the most hardened investor
- Updata’s David Linton, UK’s leading technical analyst

Clem Chambers sweeps you up in a high octane thriller while stealthily delivering a crash course in trading and city skulduggery
- Robbie Burns, best selling author of The Naked Trader

a helter skelter romp through the jungle and financial markets... reminded me very much of Alistair MacLean and Desmond Bagley
- G.S., [read the full review]

for some thrilling action, stock market dastardly-doings, share shenanigans and a rip-roaring ending, it's a buy!
- The Naked Trader ( [read the full review]

a thriller with more than a touch of Ian Fleming and John Le Carré
- Claire Coleman, Director Magazine [read the full review]

Accomplished, ambitious storytelling from a great modern-day thriller writer
- Patrick, [read the full review]

Casino capitalism at its wildest, where financial markets and terrorism are an explosive cocktail
- Gaetan Lecointe, TFI France

if you want a holiday read that is action packed and easy to read this is it.
- Book Geek, So Many Books, So Little Time [read the full review]


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