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Cypress Grove

James Sallis

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ISBN: 1842430947
Price: £9.99
Casing: Paperback
Format: B (198 x 129mm)
Extent: 256pp
Rights: UK & Commonwealth excl. Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Pub. Date: September 2003


 James  Sallis
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James Sallis is a renowned poet, critic, essayist, editor, translator, musicologist, biographer and novelist. He lives in Arizona with his wife Karyn.
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James Sallis is one of our great stylists and storytellers, whose deep interest in human nature is expressed in the powerful stories of men too often at odds with themselves as well as with the world around them.

The small town where Turner moved is one of America's lost places, halfway between Memphis and forever. That makes it a perfect hide-away: A place where you can bury the past and escape the pain of human contact, where you are left alone unless you want company, where conversation happens only when there's something to say, where you can sit and watch an owl fly silently across the face of the moon. And where Turner hoped to forget that he was a cop, a psychotherapist, and always an ex-con.

There was no major crime to speak of until Sheriff Lonnie Bates arrived on Turner's porch with a bottle of Wild Turkey and a problem: The body of a drifter has been found—brutally and ritualistically murdered—and Bates and his deputy need help from someone with big-city experience who appreciates the delicacy of investigating people in a small town. Thrust back into the middle of what he left behind, Turner slowly becomes reacquainted not only with the darkness he had fled, but with the unsuspected kindness of others.

Brilliantly balancing Turner's past and present lives,Cypress Grove is lyrical, moving, and filled with the sense of place and character that only our finest writers can achieve. It is proof positive that the acclaim James Sallis has enjoyed for years is richly deserved.



"...James Sallis is a superb writer ..." - The Times

"...Sallis is a fastidious man, intelligent and widely read. There's nothing slapdash or merely strategic about his work ... peculiar and visionary. ..." - London Review of Books

"...Sallis's deceptively easy style disguises the skill with which he has produced a satisfyingly complete portrait of a man's life...." - Susannah Yager, The Telegraph

"...James Sallis writes crime novels that read like literature...." - Judith Freeman, Los Angeles Times

"...As Turner's memories are unlocked, so are his feelings — and his language... Although he went out to find a killer, Turner earns his redemption by finding his own lost voice...." - Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

"...Sallis, a poet in private eye's clothing, has found in Turner a rich new character to hang around with. Let's hope this isn't the last we see of him...." - The Boston Globe


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